Koko Multipurpose Food Wrapping Paper – Pack of 2


Koko wrapping paper is a good quality food wrapping paper that ensures your food remains fresh and healthy for longer. This is the perfect choice for those who care for their health and environment. If you haven’t switched to paper yet, do it now.

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Koko Food Wrapping Paper is the ultimate respite to this shift in habit of using the Aluminum Foil for wrapping the food. If not advantageous then the foil made with aluminum has a lot of disadvantages that cater to a lot of problems in the long run. With the excessive usage of aluminum, one can have Alzheimer’s disease in the long run. And, the sacrifices done by Noah in The Notebook are hard to pull in real life!!!

20 + 5 Meter Extra multipurpose Food wrap

? Lock Grease – The paper locks the grease of the food and does not make the pans greasy and sticky. Cover your food with it to keep the dishes as well as your hands clean

? Retains Moisture in Food – Use this wrapping paper to cover leftovers like sandwiches and pizza slices while reheating to keep them from drying out.

? Microwave Safe – This parchment paper is microwave and oven-safe as it can bear temperatures up to 230?C. You do not need to remove the paper before reheating your food.

? Food Grade Material – This paper is made of food grade materials and is therefore safe for wrapping any food. It does not contain any harmful chemical.

? Food Grade Paper – Made specifically for home use for packing tiffin or lunch boxes. Non Sticky and grease-proof

? Keeps the food fresh – Keeps the food fresh for a longer period of time and even hot. Even the hot food can directly be packed in it. This is the perfect choice for those who care for their own health and environment. If you haven’t switched to paper yet, do it now.

? Great substitute to old aluminum silver foil papers. It helps to preserve the food nutrients while packing under it for a longer time.

? Hygiene – The wholesale packaging supplies help you in the hygienic transportation and storage of various food items and drinks. Food packaging reduces the exposure of contaminants in the air and bacteria during handling, which can cause illness or lead to food poisoning.

Biodegradable – the tree product that is the food wrapping paper is Biodegradable and when we are out of one tree we can always plant another tree in place of that. Nature provides us to never run out of trees. On the other hand, the recycling process of aluminum takes a manual effort and cannot be degraded on its own into a new aluminum compound, no matter how reusable the scrap of aluminum is.

? Let?s the good food bacteria thrive – the food wrapping paper makes the food ingredients in it breathe a little. Unlike Aluminum, it does not add on to the food bacteria to make the food harmful for intake. The food wrapping paper not only keeps the food, bacteria-free and fresh but, it lets the good food bacteria thrive in there. The food wrapping paper is not harmful to the food and its intake afterward.

? 100% Bacteria Free – the koko Food Wrapping Paper is known for keeping the Freshness intact and it does not let the bad food bacteria thrive in the food, whereas, aluminum does just that, and, long packaging of food in aluminum can cause the food to rot making it unhealthy to intake. Thus, the food Wrapping paper keeps the food 100% bacteria-free.

? Global Action for Your Global Home ? Production disposing off aluminum foil and cling foil adversely impacts the environment and our eco-system with the growing environmental concerns, we, koko food wrapping paper believe it is equally important to do our bit to combat these challenges.

? Taste Intact – while the food wrapped in aluminum foil will make its taste rusty and tasteless. On the other hand, Feather?s Food Wrapping Paper can keep the food?s Taste Intact by locking the grease in, let the good food bacteria thrive and with its premium quality paper the moisture inside the wrap stays balanced.

? Is Aluminum Foil Safe to use ? Aluminum Foil not safe for long stretches of time because food has a shelf life and because Aluminum in the foil will begin to leach into the food depending on ingredients like spices.

? free Stainless Steel Lunch Box Spoon inside


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