Shapes Stainless Steel Juice Dispenser 3 Liters – Double


? ?BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED?: The Dome Cover of the Beverage Dispenser is Very Visually Appealing, and the Transparent Appearance Makes the Color of the Beverage Bright, The Elegant Look and Modern Design Add to the Beauty of Any Table

? ?REFRIGERATE AND KEEP WARM?: There is a Heat Preservation Tube in the Middle of the Juice Machine, You Can Put Ice Cubes in It for Cooling, or You Can Put Hot Water to Keep Drinks Warm

? ?LEAK-PROOF WATER STORAGE TRAY?: The Dispenser Comes with a Drip Tray That Catches Any Spills, and the Tray is Easy to Remove and Clean, Keeping Your Desk Clean at All Times

? WIDE APPLICATION?:Beverage Dispensers Are Ideal for Home Use, Restaurants, Bars, and More to Drink Tea, Lemonade, Juice or Alcohol in Almost Any Situation


Shapes Beverage Dispenser is perfect for business or home use. The solid workmanship ensures that the beverage dispenser can be used for a long time, and the refined appearance also makes it very suitable for any occasion. There is a movable stainless steel cylinder in the middle, which can be filled with hot water or ice cubes to achieve heat preservation or refrigeration, and can separate the boiling water or ice cubes from the drinks to avoid the smell and keep the original taste. This beverage dispenser is suitable for bars, milk tea shops, bakeries, banquets and other occasions, and it is also suitable for use at home. The transparent PC barrel of the beverage dispenser can display the beverages in the barrel and the remaining capacity, which is convenient for you to add beverages in time, and also facilitates cleaning after use.

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Stainless Steel + PC


Transparent PC Barrel Body




3 X 2 Liters


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