Iron Wood Chopping Board

  • Rs. 8,995.00
  • Brand: Fox Run
  • Design:Ironwood
  • Set Size:1 Piece

Materials Acacia Wood
Weight (In gms) 3580 Grams
Dimension (LxWXH) (In cms) 32X9x31.5 Cms

These high-quality cutting boards are available in end grain and edge grain construction. End Grain cutting surfaces are the ideal choice for cutting, chopping and cleaving as well as being gentle on your fine cutlery. Snow River End Grain blocks are bonded together forming a durable and stable cutting surface. This type of construction allows the blade of the knife to glide through the wood fibers allowing the knife to stay sharp longer. Thick, beautiful butcher block end grain boards that can stand the test of time while complimenting any kitchen. The board provides easy cleanup and maintenance, simply rinse with warm, soapy water and store dry. Occasionally restore hardwood with mineral oil.


* This is a 12 x 12 x 1-inch size board
* Made from Acacia Hardwood with rich and shimmery colors
*  Easy to Handle
* This is used for both cutting and serving.
* Gives longevity to all your cutting tools
* Preferred to wash it with warm soapy water

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