koko Stainless Steel Jug Steel Jug Pitcher for Water Storage


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The handy water pitcher refreshes the simple taste of water. Set it in the guest room or on the dining table, it is a mark of high-class service anywhere. The plastic handle offers an easy grip for smooth handling.

For cleaning, use a microfiber cloth and chloride-free mild dishwashing detergent. To maintain the spotless product, clean the item regularly with a sponge or cloth. Ensure to completely dry the product with a soft cloth after each wash and store. To wipe off the fingerprints use glass cleaner. To remove scratches from steel, buff (polish) the product.

Don?t use sharp brushes, scrubbers, or steel wool for cleaning. Don?t use acidic chemicals for cleaning the products. Don?t leave any spot; clean it as soon as it occurs. Don?t leave the product wet as permanent watermarks may stain the surface.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 25 cm


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